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Maintain the composition of your body's systems with natural Chinese and Japanese styles of medicine from Acupuncture Associates in New Bedford & Fall River areas.
Traditional chinese herbal medicine - acupuncture and medicine in New Bedford, MA

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Feel the power of Chinese herbal medicine, a process based on clinical experiences and significant investigations. It is also based on yin and yang, qi, deficiency, excess, cold, heat, dampness, and organ functions. It is used in conjunction with acupuncture services to help achieve better and faster results.
Homeopathic medicine - acupuncture and medicine in New Bedford, MA

Homeopathic Medicine

In Greek words, homeopathic medicine means suffering, disease, or the law of similars. Dr. Hanemann, a very popular German doctor, discovered that substances in small doses stimulate the organisms to heal and promote health recovery.He believed in letting likes being secured with likes. The body gets stronger with small doses, and you remain free from certain diseases, such as the flu. This process goes in conjunction with acupuncture to accelerate the healing process.
Reki healing - acupuncture and medicine in New Bedford, MA

Reki Healing

In Japanese, "re" means "rain" and "ki" means "healing," and, altogether, this is a form of natural healing that follows the chakras. The person gets the force through the chakras, and it is guided from the hands of the practitioner to yours to help you enforce the healing process. There are different chakra techniques that can be used for different healing purposes.
Acupuncture Detox - acupuncture and medicine in New Bedford, MA

Acupuncture Detox

Release the toxin from inside you body and causing to cut down the craving for the drugs and help the healing process.

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